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The 7 Key Ingredients For Your Health & Fitness Recipe!


“Eat less, move more”.

We literally cringe when we hear this touted as the golden strategy to unlocking the secrets to weight loss, health and fitness success. If only it were that simple!

In this email, were going to highlight the 7 key areas that we focus upon with our clients to ensure that they get their best results. Results that are achievable, and results that last!

The M.A.S.K. 7 –  Process

As highly experienced trainers and practitioners, we realised many years ago that several key elements had to be in place in order for people to achieve healthy, safe and sustainable results.

In this email we seek m
erely to highlight what these seven steps are, and over the next seven emails we will endeavour to explain each separate area in more detail. Hear what our client has to say.



1) Mindset. We look at mindset as the cornerstone to any health, fitness and wellness programme as without a positive and healthy mindset, sadly results may only be very temporary, if they are achieved at all. Many clients come to us with what we would call “self limiting beliefs”. As coaches it is then our responsibility to act like a GPS system, providing a step-by-step route that the client is able to easily follow on their journey to optimum health and fitness.

2) Stress Reduction. Stress can take many forms. Stress can be career related, driven by loss of self-confidence, it could be driven chemically from medications or nutritionally. By identifying stressors and seeking to remove or at least minimise these stressors, we find in many cases it removes  barriers to success and creates a much more harmonious internal environment.

3) Hydration. Hydration sounds very simple, however the overwhelming majority of people that we encounter on a day-to-day basis simply do not drink enough good, clean water for optimal health. By creating habits of drinking small quantities of water throughout the day, we have seen huge improvements in people’s health and vitality.

4) Nutrition. As experienced nutritional professionals we have seen so many fad diets, come and go over many years. For every diet to be successful, they must have key components in place that suits people on an individual basis. We emphasise bridging the gap between nutrition and food clients will be enjoying their plate.

5) Exercise & Movement. Like with nutrition, exercise fads and crazes come and go. At the heart of our excise programmes are what we term “Primal Pattern Movements” :squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend and gait. By improving our clients posture, flexibility and mobility, we are able to make huge changes to how well people are able to move freely and safely. Once we have our foundations of movement in place, quite literally “anything is possible” with regards to the direction in which each client aims to take their fitness levels.

6) Sleeping. This sounds very simplistic, however you would be particularly surprised at how many people simply do not enjoy  great quality or quantity of sleep. Without enough quality sleep, it is very difficult to recover from exercise and certain food cravings are heightened which can impact health and weight loss achievement. Sleep is an absolutely vital ingredient to any health and fitness programme.

7) Community. Knowing that you are not alone in your quest for optimum health and fitness makes the journey that little bit easier. At M.A.S.K. we pride ourselves on the awesome community of individuals that we have all supporting one another on their unique individual journeys.

So join us over the next seven emails to learn exactly how we tackle each core area in order to help extract the absolute best from each and every unique individual that we encounter.

Our mission statement is simple “helping you become the best version of yourself”.

Until next time, stay awesome!

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” Helping people to become THE best version of themselves”.

– M.A.S.K. Personal Training 2020.  – Hear what our client has to say.

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