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Martin & Jo

Meet Martin & Jo! A Lovely Guildford based couple who have been with us so long that they are now more like members of the M.A.S.K. family!

Martin & Jo initially came to us with health and fitness goals which matched the lifestyle that they enjoy whilst living life to the full.

Both in their 50’s and with busy careers, their training goals have changed over time to accommodate injuries that came their way, but they never gave up!

At M.A.S.K. we believe that wherever possible we should train around an injury, modifying our training when necessary to simply be THE absolute best version of you at all times.



Did you know we train couples?

Couples who train together gain together! Martin & Jo have a giggle when they train despite working hard towards their own unique goals.  They even enjoy Master trainer Marc’s legendary Dad jokes.


The key take away is this:

Regardless of your current situation, you can always make a positive change in your life. Think of us as a GPS…if you give us your destination, we will provide you THE best route to get there.

If you hit a few roadblocks on the way..that’s fine, we have a re-route feature for that!


Stay awesome.  🙂


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