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Is exercise making you fat?

Is Your Gym Routine Making You Fat?

At first glance this appears crazy. You’re eating less, well…most of the time, you go to the gym 3-4 times per week, you hit the treadmill, the cross trainer, the spin bikes, the rower, maybe do a little ab work, stretch, shower then home. In the Gym for a good hour or so, working up a sweat, maybe even do a few classes per week, yet still you have stubborn fat that won’t go away.

What do you do? Run/cycle faster for longer, go 5 times per week? Try it and like millions of people worldwide you too will feel tired, listless…and yield poor results.

Have you ever thought…maybe YOUR routine is contributing to your poor results?

Research has shown over and over that unless you are a competitive athlete you should be in and out of the gym…in 45 minutes!!!

Furthermore, that “Fat Burning” programme that the treadmill says you are doing…it’s helping to make you fat, not fat burning!

How? Why? What’s the science behind this?

Put quite simply your unique metabolism is the single and only true factor that determines fat loss! You can do long, slow plodding cardio training for hours, burn huge numbers of calories and yet appear “Skinny-Fat” ie slim appearance but with excess body fat.

This is because long, slow, steady state training floods the body with stress hormones called “Glucocorticoids” which deplete muscle tissue and PROMOTE fat storage!

Correct intensity cardio however, coupled with correct resistance training helps to increase lean muscle tissue, boost metabolism…and Burn fat…even in stubborn areas!

Furthermore, restricted calorie diets, incorrect rest periods in between workouts and even during workouts can also stimulate further Glucocorticoid production.

Expert trainers who know this are rare…but they are out there! Actually…they are right here!

M.A.S.K. Personal Training have just revamped and re-launched their Personal Training packages. No more 1 hour sessions, they now last 45 minutes! The packages still come with our 100% money back results driven guarantee.

Furthermore, as our sessions are shorter, we’ve lowered the price accordingly! We have strong ethics and principles and think its plain wrong to charge for 1 hour if the session lasts 45 minutes.

Our new packages therefore save you time, save you money and deliver world class GUARANTEED results.

You’ve nothing to lose…except stubborn body fat!

Ask now about our 2 for 1 train with your partner package or our summer “Buff Body” campaign, and our free 21-day body stat offer…YES I did say free! (strictly limited to 21 days, 21 people – offer ends Saturday 4th July!)

See You In The Gym!

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