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Five ways to better your posture

If you have ever found yourself aching after a day hunched over your computer, you are not alone. According to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) two in three of Brits have experienced back discomfort or pain. One of the main problems could be the way you are holding yourself, so here are five simple tips to help you:

Look in the mirror 

Looking in the mirror can show if your head is tilted to one side, chin is poking out and if your shoulders are level or not. If you do see a problem, personal training in Guildford can use Kinesio tape to help keep your muscles in place and maintain good posture for up to 48 hours.

Go for a walk

The BCA estimates that a third of us sit down for over 10 hours each day. It’s easy to get up and stretch your legs every thirty minutes, even if it’s just walking around your home or office.

Straighten your shoulders

Hunching over your computer can lead to a noticeable curvature of the upper spine. Mask personal training in Guildford can show you how to do some simple exercises that can really make a difference whilst sitting at your desk.

Iron out the tension

Strenuous workouts can have a bad effect on your posture. To improve the condition of your neck and back these particular muscles need to be as relaxed as possible. With personal training in Guildford, foam rollers can be used to improve your session by ironing out any tension in your muscles.

Move your backside

Strengthening your glutes can make all the difference when it comes to a back free from pain and injury. Sitting down all day leads to the exact opposite. Take the time once each morning and once every evening to lie down on the floor and do a dozen or so hip bridges. This will make all the difference.

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