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Make sure you get the best start to your day

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Guildford, you will want to make sure that you’re in the best possible hands to help you reach peak condition this summer. A great personal trainer will be able to advise you on the best diet and nutrition for you, as well as which exercises are going to maximise your weight loss and muscle definition.

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, stabilising your sugar intake after a night of sleep. Getting your day off to the right start is essential, and your breakfast should be tailored to what kind of results you are aiming for. Your personal trainer in Guildford will be able to advise you on fantastic breakfast options that will aid you achieve the goal you are striving for.

Cardio boost breakfast

For those looking to increase their cardiovascular capability, perhaps training for an endurance event, a focus on carbohydrates is key. If you’re doing a long-distance run, cycle or swim, you’ll need enough energy to keep you going and protein alone won’t do. Wholemeal toast is a great way to aid your cardio workout. Topping it with some high energy protein, such as pure, organic peanut butter is a great power combo, as nuts contain magnesium and selenium for heart health and muscle recovery. Adding a banana to that will make help sustain your blood sugar and improve your stamina. Occasionally on a particularly strenuous day, a waffle topped with syrup and fresh fruit can be beneficial to making the most of your morning workout.

Power breakfast

For building muscle, a protein heavy breakfast is highly advisable. Your MASK personal trainer in Guildford will be able to give you lots of tasty breakfast options so you don’t get bored and stray off your eating plan. Porridge with chia seeds is a fantastic option, as is greek yogurt with seeds and protein mix. If you’ve got a heavy day of weightlifting ahead of you, eggs are a great choice. An omelette can be mixed up daily with different seeds and vegetables. Try tomatoes, spinach and asparagus with yours to maximise your power potential.

Fat burn breakfast

A high fibre breakfast is excellent for those looking to burn more fat, as it will keep you fuller for longer. A bran-rich breakfast cereal with banana and skimmed or soy milk will stop you reaching for the snack bowl in the mid-afternoon. Green vegetables are also rich in fibre, so a green smoothie is an excellent low-fat start. Your MASK personal trainer in Guildford will be able to advise on portion sizes so you start seeing the results you want.

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