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Success Story – Nena

bnfWhen I first met Marc and Vanessa, I had gained back all the weight that I lost two years ago – and was piling on more. With an extremely poor diet and non-existent levels of exercise, it was hardly surprising. At my consultation with Vanessa, she went on to explain how the approach adopted by M.A.S.K. Personal Training focuses on a sustainable approach to weight loss. Furthermore, it is not just about getting the weight off but keeping it off. I went away knowing that I would always have a support system with them, and this has turned out to be absolutely true.

Marc’s method of training is specifically tailored towards the needs of the client. While he can be one of the most approachable and engaging people you have ever met, he switches into ‘bulldog’ mode the instant the clock starts. He cuts through all your excuses and whining and makes you give 100% in blood, sweat and tears (literally!). Both he and Vanessa are extremely passionate about what they do, and this manifests itself in them being highly motivational individuals who are with their clients every step of the way.

Six months on, I can hardly believe the difference in my physical and mental well-being. With the constant support of the team at M.A.S.K., I lost 7% body fat in the first 3 weeks, and dropped 2 dress sizes by the end.

I could not be happier with the results, and anyone who is looking to begin their own journey towards weight loss should turn to Marc and Vanessa without hesitation.

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