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Summer foods to boost your weight loss

When undertaking personal training in Guildford with MASK, particularly if your primary aim is to lose weight, one aspect we will discuss is your diet. The foods you eat can influence everything from your weight to your physical and mental health. If you undertake personal training in Guildford with us, we will help you to figure out what you should be eating. As a taster, here are some suggestions for summer foods to get your body beach ready.

1) Chilled soup: While soup may not be the first food you think of when you eat during the summer months, chilled vegetable soups and broth based dishes can be exactly great. Being cooling and low calorie, this can be a perfect starter or a meal in itself.

2) Watermelon: When we think of summer, we think of watermelon. It’s hydrating and refreshing, ideal for a snack on a hot day.

3) Grilled vegetables: Grilled vegetables can be a delicious side or the main event at dinner. Keep a box of grilled courgette, garlic, onion and asparagus in the fridge for a ready-made rap filler.

4) Salad: Salads take minutes to throw together, and are the ultimate low carbohydrate lunch. Add vinaigrette, some herbs, and possibly a few of those grilled veggies you’ve got in the fridge for a light, summery meal.

5) Low or no calorie drinks: In the quest to stay hydrated we consume high numbers of calories without thinking. Stick to water whenever possible.

6) Fruit-based desserts: While fruit in itself can be a delicious dessert, consider grilling bananas or peaches with honey. Freezing fruit can make for desserts that are particularly appealing on hot days.

Remember that if you’re aiming to lose weight, eating more healthily is not the only method. Consider booking personal training in Guildford with us at MASK in order to maximise your weight loss.

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