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Personal Training & Weight loss in Guildford! SUGAR POISONING!


Ok, so if you are serious about nutrition, weight loss, Personal Training Guildford, you should have by now heard about following a low sugar diet!  No?  Confused?  Why is it so bad?  Firstly, refined sugar is a relatively recent addition to our diet with simple sugars only largely appearing during the last 400 years.   Even 100 years ago, the average UK sugar consumption was 5 pounds per person, per year.  Today, that stands at a whopping average of 150-170 pounds per person, coupled with modern stresses and an increasingly sedentary population, it’s estimated that over 60% of the population are overweight or obese.

In reality, processed sugar is a poison!  Highly addictive and when ingested in regular quantities can lead to a vast array of diseases and conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, CHD, cancer, Alzheimer’s and behavioural problems.  Vitamins and minerals are rapidly stripped from the bodies stores as it tries in vain to metabolise this biological enemy!  Cell respiration is depleted and bodily tissues slowly die!

Worst of all, it even makes you feel bad.  Tiredness, irritability, aggression…all symptoms of your “post sugar crash” that you feel shortly after your insulin has taken the sugar from your blood stream to your liver and ultimately to your fat cells, leaving your blood sugar level lower than before you consumed your high sugar high stimulant snack.  This makes you even more hungry and BANG…the vicious cycle starts over and over again.

If you need nutritional advice, weight loss coaching or Personal Training in Guildford, Surrey, contact MASK Personal Training – a dedicated team of highly qualified, motivated and results driven individuals whose programmes ACTUALLY WORK!  Every MASK fitness and nutritional plan is uniquely tailored to the individual and is backed up by MASK’s UNIQUE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

What are you waiting for…….Post Easter Egg resolutions???

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