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5 Tips to Boost Fitness With Personal Training In Guilford

If you’ve just googled ‘personal training in Guilford’, chances are you’re looking for help to boost your personal fitness levels fast. There are plenty of things you can do to achieve a more healthy lifestyle right now – here are just five of them:

Walk it off

Look for opportunities to walk whenever you can. Jogging and power-walking are great, but choosing to walk or cycle to work rather than take the car or bus can be as good for your overall health, and is easily integrated into your current routine. Use the stairs instead of the lift.

Take Professional Advice

There are plenty of opportunities to follow a programme of personal training in Guilford. Find a personal trainer to guide you and work with them to create an integrated programme to boost your overall fitness levels.

Eat for Natural Energy

It’s easy to fall into the trap of turning to sugar for a boost when your energy dips, but this can quickly become a downward spiral. Refined sugars such as those in cookies, cakes and candy bars give you a short-term hit that’s always followed by a crash and more cravings. Look to foods that release their energy slowly to keep you going all day – oats are particularly good.

Cut out the caffeine

Many of us feel we depend on tea, coffee and chocolate, but it only creates a buzz which can lead to energy depletion. Try switching to peppermint or ginger tea to gently lift your mood. You may have to push through some withdrawal, but it’s worth it.

Eat Your Greens

Fresh fruit and vegetables are fantastic to boost your general well-being. If you’re engaged in personal training in Guilford your trainer will have already advised you to eat more, particularly green vegetables like spinach or broccoli. If you can find locally-grown organic produce, so much the better.

Even if you only do one of these, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

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