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HIIT – Home Workout!

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – At home…no equipment…no problem! Try our beginner or advanced HIIT suggestions and start getting summer fit!

Warm Up!

Before you start any workout a good warm up is important. Ideally a warm up consists of exercise/s to prepare you for what’s to follow. This should include intensity as well as range of motion.

Try the following:

Jog on spot – 30 seconds
Star Jumps – 30 seconds       Slow Pace
Spotty dogs – 30 seconds

Stretch: Calves, Hamstrings – 30 seconds

Jog on spot – 30 seconds
Star Jumps – 30 seconds    Medium Pace
Spotty dogs – 30 seconds

Stretch: Shoulders, Chest – 30 seconds

Jog on spot – 30 seconds
Star Jumps – 30 seconds        Fast Pace
Spotty dogs – 30 seconds

Stretch: Hip Flexors, Lower back muscles 30 seconds

Google the above exercises as they are very basic and great for raising pulse and body temperature. For the stretches, again google these exercises and perform simple stretches, nothing too advanced taking each stretch to a tension point of mild discomfort NO more.

Please remember, these workouts are kept intentionally very simple for you to try at home after GP clearance.

* For the following HIIT workouts, try these suggested protocols.

Beginner HIIT

The beginner HIIT consists of 5 exercises (see below). After a good warm up as suggested above, attempt the exercises in order working at at least 70% of what you feel is your maximum effort.  Perform the first exercise for 20 seconds, resting for 20 seconds before attempting exercise number 2. Continue in the same way through to completing exercise number 5. Stop, rest for 2 minutes or until your heart rate comes down to under 120 bpm, then if you are feeling adventurous, try a second circuit. As your fitness improves you will e able to perform more repetitions per 20 second stage and recover more quickly. When 2-3 circuits becomes easy…it’s time to move on to the Intermediate/Advanced HIIT circuit.

Intermediate/Advanced HIIT Circuit

The intermediate/advanced HIIT circuit is quite a step up from the beginner HIIT circuit and should be attempted only by those who are sure of their health and fitness. Furthermore, attempting this level too soon can be very demotivating to the participant. This is why New Year’s resolutions rarely work…Too Much Too Soon! Being fit and healthy is a journey, a lifelong marathon, definitely NOT a sprint.
Attempt each exercise working at least 70% (if not more) of your best for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds before moving to exercise number 2, continuing in this way on to completing the 10 exercises. Rest for 2 minutes or until your heart rate reduces to 120 bpm and go again. Maximum of 3 circuits.
When you can complete 2/3 circuits with great form, consider lowering the rest period to 20 seconds, then to 15, then to 10. This has a huge impact on intensity as it then means your original work/rest ratio of 1:1 could now increase to 3:1…confused? Don’t be. If you exercise for 30 seconds and only rest for 10 seconds you are working 3 times longer than you are resting. Welcome to advanced level HIIT.
These high intensity circuits have been used for decades by Boxers, Martial Artists and many other Anaerobic dominant athletes. They are still used because they work.


Beginner HIIT 

1) Push – Ups on knees.

Press Ups on Knees – Take hands approximately twice shoulder width, fingers facing forwards, belly button drawn to spine, then braced tight. Lower chest towards floor so that elbows bend to approximately 90 degrees, push back up to start. Maintain neutral spine throughout.
2) Sprint on spot
Keeping your spine straight and your abdominal muscles tight, sprint on spot. Land softly on balls of feet ensuring you lift knees high, pumping your arms. Keep eyes focused in front of you, don’t look down.
3) Plank
As in photo, support your weight through your elbows and toes. Maintain a straight spine, taking great care not to “sag” your lower back towards the floor. Pull in your abdominal muscles towards your spine…and breathe!
4) Shadow Boxing

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5) Squats

Keep back straight and abdominal muscles lightly pulled in, bend the knees until thighs are parallel with the floor, then stand up. Keep breathing regular and natural throughout. Keep eyes looking forwards at all time.


Intermediate/Advanced HIIT Circuit

As per the protocol outlined above, follow the below exercises in order.

1) Burpees

Start in a crouched position as in the photo, bring feet in to hands, explosively jump up high, land softly, crouch and return to start position. Repeat. Maintain straight spine throughout.
2) Clap Push Ups

Start laying on front place palms under shoulders. Keep spine straight and explosively push up with enough force to leave the ground and perform a hand clap before lowering back to start position. Maintain tight abdominal’s throughout.
3) Plank Jacks

Start in full Push up position as in photo. Pull abdominal muscles in tightly and maintain straight spine. Open feet out to approximately 1-2 times shoulder width, then bring back together. Repeat as quickly as can be maintained with great form.
4) Squat Tuck Jumps

Squat low so that thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your spine straight and your abs tight, explosively jump up as high as you can, lifting your knees towards your chest at maximum jump height. Land softly on the balls of your feet…repeat and feel the burn!
5) Shadow Boxing

Exactly the same as with the beginner HIIT but with more intensity. For extra intensity, try punching with light dumbbells, making sure you keep your elbows soft.
6) Superman

This is an excellent exercise for the posterior muscle groups. Laying flat on your front with your arms and legs outstretched, lift both arms and legs off of the floor and hold at the top briefly before lowering.
7) Mountain Climbers

Start in full push up position keeping spine straight. Lift 1 foot, rapidly bringing the knee towards the chest. Return the leg to start position and switch legs. Keep the movements fluid and continuous. Pull abdominal muscles in towards the spine.
8) Chair Dips

Using a regular chair, begin with your palms facing down, fingers forwards as in the first photo. Bend your elbows and lower your hips until your arms are bent to no more than 90 degrees. Push hard with the arms to lift yourself back to start position. Keep your abs tight, head up, trying not to shrug the shoulders.
9) Flutter Kicks

Very important to keep your lower back firmly on your finger tips. If your back arches then your spine’s ligaments take the hit…not good. With abs in tight, keep legs 3/4 straight and perform gentle alternating kicks. Keep head flat to floor.
10) Sprint On Spot

Exactly the same as in the beginner HIIT only with more intensity, higher/faster knee lift and more powerful arm swings. It’s the last exercise…push as hard as you can!
So, we hope you found that useful. Welcome to HIIT. The above workouts are very general and provide only a fleeting glance in to the world of HIIT. Please, please ensure that you are physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for HIIT, properly hydrated/nourished and cleared by your Doctor to exercise.
If performed 2-3 times per week absolute Maximum, these workouts will yield great results. They are however NOT designed to be performed every day due to their intense nature which could if over performed lead to over training, illness and injury. Take it slow and progress as and when your body and mind allow.
In an ideal world, we would advise everyone to contact a CHEK practitioner and undergo a full health & lifestyle screen including postural evaluation prior to beginning exercise. That way exercise and nutrition is prescribed solely for you, not a one-size-fit’s- all approach, so common in today’s health and fitness industry.
If we can be of any further help, drop us a line or give us a shout!
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