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DNAfit Genetic Testing Personal Trainer Guildford

After training hard for months or years making minimal gains.  Ever wondered if unique DNAfit genetic testing Personal Trainer in Guildford would help improve your gains in the gym.  Always pushing through tough times, making minimal gains, feeling like you are getting nowhere. Do you ever wonder if you are using the correct training programme? Is it possible that your genetic make up sets your ability to achieve?  Have you ever started to start to wonder, is there a personal trainer in Guildford who can help?
MASK Personal Training are proud to announce that they now offer unique DNAFit genetic testing with Personal Trainer in Guildford.  A cutting edge service giving Guildford MASK Personal Trainer clients a valuable insight into their unique genetic potential to achieve THEIR personal best in training.  Ever wondered why you cannot make gains despite having changed your training programme.  Ever wondered why you cannot run for longer despite spending hours in the gym or running on the roads.  Ever wondered if it is in your DNA.  Ever wondered WHY do I keep getting injured despite following the advice given.  Mask Personal Trainer Guildford will help you identify exactly why this is.
Unique DNAfit genetic testing with Personal Trainer in Guildford will help you understand your genetic potential for training.
Your personal trainer in Guildford will prepare a suitable training programme for you, targeted at your genetic potential.  Setting a challenging training programme according to your make up.  You will be guided through every personal trainer session to help you achieve your unique DNAfit genetic potential. Taking out guesswork, delivering safer and more productive results in less time! The test is simple to carry out and the results are delivered in a personalised report.
CONTACT MASK Personal Trainer in Guildford for MORE information.  You certainly won’t regret it!
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