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Success Story – Dr. Tara Raafat PHd

Marc is THE most dedicated PT I have ever worked with. He has a perfect combination of diverse training methods and individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.

I had put on a good few extra pounds and a lot of body fat stress eating during my PhD write up process. Marc helped me lose 11% body fat in only 6 weeks’ time! He always pushed me to my limit and with his constant motivation he made me go the extra mile which is why I got the results I did!! He constantly made changes to the work out to challenge me as my fitness improved. It’s not just all hard work with Marc.

He has such an amazing personality and works with you as a whole person- mentally, emotionally and physically. He is professional, excessively knowledgeable in his field and most important of all extremely committed to his work and ultimately to his clients. I recommend Marc without any reservation, he is simply the best!

Having recently relocated to another country I admit Marc’s training sessions are what I miss the most!!

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