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The Key To Core Training in Guilford

A strong core is the key to all movement in the body, with these muscles engaged even when we are standing still. The stronger your core, the bigger your range of movement and the better your stability, and with the help of M.A.S.K PT core training in Guilford you can achieve a toned physique and enjoy the benefits of a body working at optimum capability.

Keeping your core strong is also important for supporting the rest of your body. M.A.S.K PT core training in Guilford provides advice and exercise plans to tone up and condition, bursting the myth that the key to a great core relies on doing hundreds of crunches and sit ups alone. The optimum exercises include squats, deadlifts and kettle bells, and your personal trainer can teach you the correct ways to perform these to maximum effect.

The stronger your core, the more weight your body can lift. This makes it a great choice for men who are looking to add serious muscle mass to their frame. Although many women shy away from weight training, having a strong enough core to lift weights is actually a fantastic way to tone up your body and give you lean, toned legs and sexy abs.

When you start core training in Guilford you can learn that having a strong core is also a great way to protect against injury, providing a way for the body to absorb shock during a range of different movements. No matter what your fitness goal is, everyone can benefit from having a strong core, which is after all where all movement originates from, and with the help of a one to one personal trainer, you can unleash a whole new approach to a strong body that works for you.

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