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Success Story – Natalie

Before training with Marc I rarely exercised and when I tried I could only reach 10 minutes of cardio before giving up, now I can workout for an hour!

I have had insulin resistance for a few years, affecting my hormones, energy levels and weight gain around my stomach area. Exercise is one of the best cures for it, but I could never push myself hard enough to exercise to a level that would help make a difference.

Since training with Marc I’ve had much more energy, less sugar cravings, a toned body!

The training is so much more than just a workout, it’s taught me about my body and why I may gain weight in certain areas and how to combat this by my diet too.

It’s fun (tough at points) but makes you feel amazing afterwards. Marc’s passion to get the results you want and his positive attitude make him incredible at what he does.

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